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Philadelphia Eagles 2023 NFC Champions

After years of hard work and dedication, the Philadelphia Eagles have finally become NFC Champions in the year 2023! This remarkable feat was achieved through a combination of strong team unity, excellent coaching, and of course, sheer determination. The Eagles have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL for many years now. […]

2022 Super Bowl Fashion Champions Football

Designers are raising the stakes on Phanavatees style. Several fashion brands are dropping Super Bowl LIV capsule collections to commemorate the biggest night in football, when the San Francisco 49ers will go head-to-head with the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami. Balenciaga, Dsquared2, Off-White, Givenchy and Balmain are just some of the brands getting in on […]

2022 SEC Football Conference Champions

Before the 2016 season, the NCAA required that a conference have a minimum of 12 teams and play in two divisions in order to hold a football championship game that did not count against the limit of 12 regular-season games per team. Store can buy T shirt. The first post-regular season conference championship game played […]

The Day of Christmas, December 25th

Christmas Phanavatees banner

The words “Christmas” and “Xmas” come from the shortened form of the phrase “Christ’s Mass.” But when did this holiday originate? Initially, it was established as a military celebration called “Natalis Invicti, or Nativity in its defensive character.” Interestingly enough, instead of Santa Claus, different traditions around the world have different interpretations of who brings […]