The Day of Christmas, December 25th

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The words “Christmas” and “Xmas” come from the shortened form of the phrase “Christ’s Mass.” But when did this holiday originate?

Initially, it was established as a military celebration called “Natalis Invicti, or Nativity in its defensive character.” Interestingly enough, instead of Santa Claus, different traditions around the world have different interpretations of who brings presents to children on Christmas. In Japan, for example, food-laden trees are set up for the Emperor’s daughter and her court to visit realms in Earth’s dark night where she is called Soreeku no Mikoto–Mikoshi no Takeko–Okunohime no Mikoto – “The Root Princess.

Ever seen those Christmas specials with a character presenting the presents? It may strike you that they add into the frenzy of Christmas. The presents get us to buy something because it is one of the few ways of advertising without looking tacky as it is wrapped in festive paper and usually comes from Santa. They also have excellent promotion ploys that make all their products seem cheaper than in reality.

The “X” you can see in notices for medicines doesn’t stand for an actual name, but rather has been used to represent a common, compressed form of a word. “Xmas” apparently stands for two words:

Christ Mass“. It became popular when people started representing this holiday symbolically with the letter “X”, which was easier than saying or writing out the whole word track which some say alludes to a cross (or Christ) and the day upon which Jesus Christ was delivered (or Mass), respectively.

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In 16th-century Venice, the typical Yuletide gift was a cart, sometimes containing a living animal or sweets.

In some European towns, children would go from house to house singing songs and collecting goodies from each household’s Christmas tree. Presents were commonly placed under the Christmas tree and were sometimes given toys or good foods such as oranges and gingerbread.

We will discuss how Santa Claus became Santa over time as soon as we know how he obtained his wish list for his final trip: Did elf’s get him something to put in it?

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